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"A nation that does not fly will be left behind". With this astute motto, the Pro Aero foundation was founded in 1938.

Promoting the perception among the public and with institutions that aviation would show the way forward for many future developments, was already an important consideration for the foundation in the early days.

Today’s "integrated aviation system" in Switzerland is of national importance – the creation of the necessary preconditions is the guiding principle of the Pro Aero foundation.

Purpose of the foundation

The purpose of the foundation is the promotion of Swiss aviation, in particular among young people and in the area of sporting activity. In addition to promoting flight safety, it also pays proper regard to the concerns of environmental protection. The foundation strives for close collaboration with the Swiss Aero Club [AeCS] and also seeks to promote understanding of the needs of Swiss aviation among public authorities at all levels and among other institutions.

It would give us great pleasure if you were able to identify with the foundation’s purpose and we could welcome you as a new sponsor of the Pro Aero foundation.

You can find the special documentation for our sponsors here.