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1938 — 19 May
In order to give Swiss aviation new impetus and to close the gap with other countries, the «Pro Aero» Foundation is formed, to which well-known personalities belong. Its aim is «to arouse understanding and enthusiasm for aviation among public authorities and institutions, and especially among young people».

1938 — 21 May
The «Pro Aero» campaign, a collection for the promotion of aviation, is held throughout Switzerland for two days. The campaign aims to create enthusiasm for flying among young people, to encourage the rising generation of pilots, to support model-building, gliding and aerial sport, and to continue the work of the national aviation pioneers. On 22 May special postal flights were to be made to 13 Swiss cities, carrying mail bearing an airmail postage stamp with a supplementary postmark. Because of bad weather, these flights were not completed until 31 May. Receipts from the Pro-Aero special stamp bring in 139,083 Swiss francs for the Foundation. The Pro-Aero special stamp became a sought-after rarity. For a time an uncancelled block of four would cost a collector 22,500 Swiss francs. The stamp campaign, together with donations and also the sale of badges and Cellux labels, brings in the Foundation 632,000 Swiss francs.

1938 — 15 August
The Bider, Mittelholzer, Zimmermann Memorial Co-operative (GBMZ) is founded in Zurich. The Pro Aero Foundation, the Swiss Aero Club and National Council member Gottlieb Duttweiler subscribe the initial capital of 500,000 Swiss francs. The purpose of the GBMZ is the promotion of Swiss aviation; up to 1945 it spends about 130,000 Swiss francs on this. Its first venture is the building of a permanent workshop for glider construction in Zurich, in which a series of gliders for training novice pilots and the high-performance Moswey II glider are launched.

1939 — 22 May
On the occasion of the national exhibition in Zurich the Pro Aero Foundation carries out special postal flights to all cantonal capitals in the country.

1939 — 30 June
There are 150 gliders and 800 glider pilots in Switzerland. Supported by the Pro Aero Foundation, gliding training is offered in 57 gliding groups, under the motto «Flying is a patriotic duty».

1939 — 27 July
With the collaboration of the Swiss Pro Aero Foundation, teacher-training courses in model-aircraft construction are held in Einsiedeln (SZ) and Berne, in order to communicate ideas on flying to schoolchildren.

1941 — 30 April
The Pro Aero Foundation now has a foundation capital of only 55,727 Swiss francs, as over the period 1933-1940 it had made major support contributions: to powered-flight sport 92,335, gliding 113,248, and for the promotion of national aviation in general 81,267 Swiss francs. The expenditure has contributed to promoting the ideas of flying among young people, in particular model-aircraft construction. The book «Flieg mit» by Walter Ackermann was distributed to school libraries.